Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Flu!

So the web is supposed to be this great collaborative space. But in reality, there are a whole lot of blogs that exist on "cyberislands." How we make sense of this vast archiapelago of disparate blogs? While Google Analytics provides some useful tools, the Happy Flu project allows you to visually see the creation of networks on the web. The project asks participants to post an evolving HTML code on your URL which will then place you as a node on the network, as seen here.

This is an interesting way to visually track your cybernetwork.

The resource we are offering you to spread is unique : the Happy Flu visualizer tracks its own diffusion. This means that when you post it on your own blog or website, in a couple of minutes you will appear on the applet. You will be linked to the place you first saw the resource and, even better, everyone spreading the resource from your page will be linked to you. This involves a lot of happy magic. We think it could be fun to build the biggest possible diffusion tree, don't you?

I got this link from the Complexity and Social Networks blog. A great blog BTW for keeping up with the latest on network analysis, particularly in Political Science....Help me keep the cyber chain letter going :-)


Black Political Analysis said...

Your link to the Complexity blog didn't work, but I found it.

Jose Marichal said...

Hi...thanks for the heads up. I fixed the link.