Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Just to round out a week of Sarah Palin discussion culminating in her VP acceptance speech tonight, I bring you (by way of Tech President), This is a spin off of the woderfully enntertaining, probing and time wasting

Both sites welcome you to substitute their adjective for your own. It's interesting to see the distinction in the entries for both sites. Keep in mind the lefty bias on the web.

Both allow for twitter-like expression of political views in a sardonic way. But Palin's tend to derisively emphasize a sense of undeserved, fleeting fame status. Among the last suggestions were "Sanjaya" "Ted McGinley" "Regent University Dropout" "Pontiac Aztek (sp)" and "chia pet"

The Barack Obama site is more prosaic and includes gems like Barack Obama:

"e-mailed your dad and told him how great you are"

"laughed at your joke"

"listened to your mp3"

"saved his dessert for you"

These critiques are more oriented towards the perceived emptiness of the "hope message." The idea being that Obama represents all things to all people. In a small way, both sites engage civic participation by allowing for an additional outlet to express underlying discomfort with a presidential or vice presidential selection. In the Palin case, the concern is the preparadness for the job. In the Obama case, the concern is empty platitutdes. Both provide great insight as to the political zeitgeist.

"paid your speeding ticket"

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