Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama's Speech

There can be no doubt that Michelle Obama was able to display the warmth, grace and intelligence that would make her a laudable first lady if elected, but was it enough to get her husband into the White House?

Today's Gallup tracking poll showed a McCain lead against Obama since May of this year. The cause of this sliding is unclear. Perhaps a combination of celebrity ads, external conflicts and flat footed-ness on the part of the Obama campaign.

Several members of the pundi-tariat speculated on whether the Democrats had squandered the first night of the convention by not framing a stark distinction between McCain and Obama. But the reality is that if your boat has several leaks, you can't fix them all at the same time.

The improbability of Obama's run was evident last night. I watched Michelle Obama's speech with a hint of sadness. Why does this accomplished American have to plead with America to see her and her husband as "normal." This sneaking suspicion that anyone of color is "un-American" until proven otherwise is a steeep hill to climb. It seems impossible to both defend yourself against this absurd charge, stake out an agenda for the future and attack your opponent at the same time. But this is the needle the Obama folks have to thread for the next three days.

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