Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Convention Thoughts

A month ago, I posted that the Democratic convention had a great story to tell in Barack Obama. But two days in, where's the story? I imagine political consultants earn a great deal of money, but I am amazed at the undisciplined, uncoreographed nature of this convention. Where are the anecdotes from his youth? Where are the connections to the progressive tradition? Hillary Clinton's effective but bloodless support for Obama is a great example of the Democrat's opportunity squandered. She hit all the right notes, but said nothing about why this Democratic nominee is distinctive.

Conversely, where are the efforts to define McCain? Why shouldn't I vote for this guy? If this framing process doesn't happen soon, the Republicans will get a free shot to continue to define Obama and they will, and should, paint him in a way that will guarantee them the election.

It seems that Democrats, for whatever reason, fail to take power seriously and as a result, lose. I'm afraid that we're headed down that track again.

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