Wednesday, August 13, 2008

University Presses Enter Web 2.0

A number of university presses have recently created blogs and podcasts to feature their authors. These podcasts and blog entries have the potential to deepen the interaction that students have with the ideas promoted by these university presses. I'm planning on assigning some of the podcast entires in my race and politics class this coming semester. I'm also thinking about having my students track author blogs and respond to their posts. I wish that academic journals would follow suit and expand the range of media they use to communicate ideas. Listed below are some of the major university presses in the United States and their presence on-line. If anyone has a link to a university press blog or podcast, let me know.

University of Chicago Press Blog

Yale Log (Yale University Press Blog) and Podcast

Harvard University Press Publicity Blog, Author Blog and Podcast

University of California Press Blog and Podcast

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